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This is Elayna's post. She wanted to post it in elaynajade, but I forgot the password, and LJ e-mail no worky, so I don't expect the password reminder to go through anytime soon. So this is here for now. "Discovery" is the gifted program. She's really shy on LJ... I should get her started writing her stories here. She journals every day at school.

I got into the Discovery program. It is really fun so far. Today was my second day. We had a math pre-test and it had multiplication, subtraction, addition, and division.

Then we worked on a "save the park" packet. In this project, they were making a Mega Mall in our town park. I wrote that the reasons to build the Mega Mall, if they said it was for more shops, movies, and an indoor playground. But I want the animals to have a home, and for children to have fun in the park. So I think they shouldn't build a Mega Mall.

The park is also a lovely sight. I want the park to stay.

We are also building a rainforest.

I really like the Discovery program!
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