Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Happy Tuesday!

Dear gods, it's only Tuesday?

Hello to new readers cyan_blue, erisreg, jadecat9, spookykat!

Dude - Jade? Yay! Glad to see you here! :)

Happy birthday to jenbibi!

TH on LJ
Okay, yendi and I are wondering... at this point, which Tamson-Housers are not on LJ? Off the top of our heads, we thought of Tom, Niko, Tammy, and Joan... who else? We're talking about medium-to-heavy posters here.

Also, is galdrin still keeping up the list of TH LJnames?

Dentist didn't call me back yesterday. Will call multiple times today.

Elayna's school is having "an event to honor parents" on Friday morning. I wanna go, if possible; I never get to go to her school things, because they're always on Hell Days at work. Like the day grades are due. Friday would be okay... but there's no information on when this thing ends! Starts at 9.

So I called the school just now... and they don't know when it ends! "Oh, the Student Council's doing that." Yah, but shouldn't the front office know this stuff? I'll call back later and hope for someone smarter to pick up.

On Stay-at-Home Motherhood
It seems that 90% of the school's activities - and extracurricular activities (she wants to do ballet, but it's at 4; Girl Scout meetings start at 3, etc.) - are geared towards stay-at-home moms. Volunteering on committees, parent meetings, volunteering in the class or in computer labs... that's all during working hours. I've had to remind people sharply, when pressed, that I have a job.

I can do some stuff, and I do what I can - Saturday, for example, I'm working our class's booth at the Spring Fling. But it's annoying that I can't attend meetings or help out around the school. Or at Girl Scout meetings. And ballet isn't far, just 15 minutes away - but I can't get out of work at 3:00 two days a week. Thank the gods that karate is after school!

I've said it before, I'll say it again - dammit, I want to be a kept woman, in part because then I would get to do this stuff.

And Elayna would have her mom there for Field Day like everyone else. :(
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