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Quote of the day

From tamnonlinear, regarding "friending":

"Make the terminology customizable with paid accounts (which I don't have, and therefore you can all feel free to ignore this, if you haven't already).

So instead of 'friends', your journal could say 'tickled my nipples' and instead of 'friend of', 'pinched my ass'. Wouldn't the angsty debates over who links whom be much more fun if you could say "Well, that user pinched my ass but I can't decide if I want him to tickle my nipples". Or you could roll your virtual eyes and say "He'll pinch anyone's ass, but he never says anything to them afterward." or "That community tickles my nipples

Or, you know, make it something like "stalking" and "trailing" or "Dudes" and "Bros" or whatever. "Nuts" and "Bolts". "Get 'em off me!" and "Get 'em on me!". Okay, so some of these are indecent, but consider the source."
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