Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

More Dad stuff....

I page him. He calls back.

Me: "Hey, Dad, listen. I want to do a seder this year -"
Dad: "Good!"
Me: "Yep - but, see, I need Haggadahs. And the company I want to buy them from, you can send them a check or money order, but they only take credit card orders over the phone, and I can't call long-distance while I'm at work."
Dad: "I can send you Haggadahs."
Me: "Great! Thanks!"
Dad: "I have a dozen Haggadahs. I'll send you two."
Me: "UmmDad? I'm kinda gonna want enough for everybody."
Dad: "You're the only person who reads Hebrew."

Me: "Still."
Dad: "Well, you can make photocopies from the Haggadah I send you."
Me: "Dad. I can't stand here at work making page-by-page copies of a Haggadah."
Dad: "You could take it to Kinkos."
Me: "I just want Haggadahs. It's only $2.50 each. Please couldja make the call?"
Dad: "I'll have to pay for them, though."
Me: "I'll write you a check, have it in the mail today."
Dad: "I can send you two Haggadahs."
Me: "But I want enough for everyone."
Dad: "How many do you want?"
Me: "Ten."
Dad: "All you're having is ten?"
Me: "Could be more, but we can pass them around if necessary."
Dad: "I can send you two Haggadahs."
Me: "Dad? Please?"
Dad: "Fine, fine. What's the number for these people who want to charge you $2.50 for a Haggadah?"
Me: [phone number]
Dad: "That's right here in town!"
Me: "Yes. Hence me asking you if you can call them."
Dad: "Fine, fine, I'll call..."

Pesach 2002 story.

I love my Dad. Really I do.
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