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Kung-fu grip

alphafenris plans his ideal Shadesong Action Figure Line:

"Workplace Playset" includes:
"Arrogant Prof Figure" - Pull his string to hear one of twenty sayings. Includes the popular "shadesong, I know you already have a dozen things today but I want you to do something for me that has absolutely nothing to do with your actual job . . . "
Three (3) "Student Worker Figures" - Watch them scurry and get in the way! DISCLAIMER: "Student Worker Figure" pieces shipped with Series 1 playset may be defective and not actually perform any actions.
"Magical Secretary Princess shadesong Figure" - Watch as she drinks. The coffee and chai actually disappear. Figure comes with one (1) Krispy Kreme donut.

"Java Monkey Playset" includes:
A selection of tea, coffee, and tasty treats for your figures to enjoy. (Any other suggestions for this one?)

Plus all the collectable pieces that you can add to the mix:

"Kung-Fu Grip yendi" - DISCLAIMER: Unless you're on the list you should not "grip" his "kung-fu". It's a short list.
"Malibu sibylla" (part of the Nearly Wild Roses collection) - Comes with Lugh figure.
"Mall shadesong" Dress and shop with your own shadesong figure! DISCLAIMER: 90% of the clothes in the "Shopping shadesong (Juniors Section)" playset will not actually fit your shadesong figure. This was intentional so that you get the full shopping experience.
"Girl Scout Cookies shadesong" - Pull her string and she says "Thin mints, bitch!" Figure can open cardboard boxes and sort cookies. DISCLAIMER: Opening too many cardboard boxes can be bad for figure. FURTHER DISCLAIMER: "Girl Scout Cookies shadesong" has been discontinued.
"The Pony" - Because there needs to be a pony.

Coming Soon: "Wedding shadesong" figure.

. . . I can't wait for the "Vampire shadesong figure to be released. Gotta have 'em all. According to eBay the most expensive one is the "Buttercup shadesong

alphafenris makes me laugh. :)

But there'd have to be an Elayna figure, and a Volta, and more accessories like a stack of comic books and an eMac....

EDIT: Okay, since theferrett's doing it: What toys and accessories should my action-figure line include?
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