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Happy Monday

Happy birthday to mouseferatu!

Hello to new readers misskitten77, museumfreak, shiftercat, someirishdude, supremegoddess1, sworddancer, and wyckhurst!

State of the 'song: Projects
Didn't get to my bedroom-cleanup, but made *massive* progress in yendi's home office. We have a lot of laundry to do now... but, for those who've seen it - there is now nothing between the door and the loveseat but narrow stacks of books along the side. Yes. You can walk up to the loveseat. And sit on it.

State of the 'song: Body
My right hip has been bothering me... not pain, just stiffness. And a tooth broke this morning, godfuckingdammit, so now I need dental work and I get panic attacks so I'm gonna need to be 100% unconscious for that. (Yes, proto-'song was okay without any anesthesia. Proto-'song wasyears away from her first panic attack.) I swear, my warranty ran out a few years back. You'd think I was sixty from my laundry list of medical complaints.

I forgot to bring my book to read at lunch! Thankfully, I have a backup book, one I've already read (Inspiration Sandwich, by SARK), but I was really looking forward to Medicine Road.

So how was your weekend?
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