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I have felt singularly unmotivated this weekend. (This includes answering e-mail - sorry. y'all, not ignoring you, just wasting away of exhaustion and ennui...) I was supposed to Accomplish Things, but I have not done so; the most I've accomplished is getting Elayna to try on her spring/summer wardrobe, and rotated same to the closet, and most of the winter stuff to the underbed drawers. Also, we did megamassive food shopping, and moved all of the CDs to the new spinnyboxes.

This weekend, you see, has been my first unprogrammed weekend since... um... *goes to calendar* January 24-25. And not many free weekends from November to late January, either. Now, I've loved everything I've been up to, for the most part, but the frantic pace of it all has really been wearing on me... so I really ought not to have put myself on such a harsh schedule for this weekend. My body's rebelled, actually, with exhaustion and nausea, so I'm spending good chunks of time on the couch with A Storm of Swords.

When yendi's done with his dinner (I ate a little earlier, having realized that I'd forgotten to eat lunch), we'll tackle a bit of the home-office cleanup; a good deal of the chaos consists of piles of clothing, which can easily be sorted and washed. After that's out of the room, we can concentrate on the stacks of books, though I'm not forcing myself to do that tonight. My other chore is cleaning the bedroom - I had to move lots of stuff in here to avoid damage or destruction during Elayna's slumber party, and it's all still here.

Not pushing myself to do any more than that.

Next weekend is underprogrammed, at least - Flogging Molly Concert! The weekend after that's reserved for yendi's birthday party, should he choose to have one, and after that, volta's back in town. None of these are programmy-things that I mind. :) It's just that the week from my party to Elayna's was practically lethal to my overextended little self. Instead of scheduling every weekend to within an inch of my life, I need to start scheduling downtime...

Anyway! Back to my book.
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