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Product Endorsement

And no, I'm not getting paid for this...

My birthmom rocks very muchly. One of my $WINTERHOLIDAY presents from her was a sampler pack of very fine coffees and a $20 gift certificate from Story House Coffee; she saw an ad in a magazine and knew I'd love it...

Each bag or canister has a story printed on it. Keen! And they take submissions. :)

The coffee is excellent, of course. Cute gimmick or not, yendi and I do not advocate any coffee that is less than superb. Life is too short for bad coffee.

They send "almost free" samples. Try a sample, pay only shipping. We just ordered three and paid $3.74. Each sample is 4 ounces. This makes two pots of coffee. This is a freakin' awesome deal. And the full-size coffees are very affordable as well.

And an important note: This is not corporate coffee! Story House is run by a married couple; they run it out of their house. Each coffee description has opinions from both of them; they have different taste in coffee in some ways, so you get a well-rounded picture. And the beans are roasted the day of your order; they don't have a retail storefront, so everything's on demand.

I believe in supporting independent businesses. And I believe in supporting damn fine coffee. So go check them out.

I swear I'm not being paid for this. Though I may very well submit a few stories and see if I can get paid for those...

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