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27th-Mar-2012 09:23 am - zoom.
Okay, so, a summary of life since late January:

* Packing my house
* Moving
* Unpacking my house
* Parental visit with bonus high-stakes sofa and clothing shopping
* Reading and reviewing five manuscripts (one didn't suck!)

...that's a lot for two months. Hi. I'm back. Did my last review and invoiced for it yesterday. I am working on coming back. I was hoping I'd be able to get all of my associated catching-up done, but I found out that I need to be at my BARCC tabling today at 1, not 2. So I'm not sure. Hence this hasty post.

Things to share!

* kythryne is looking for a quiet new home for her cat Mittens. Are you within an hour or two of Concord, NH? Do you want a cat with a tiny head?
* New Stone Telling!
* I am in love with this post.
* haikujaguar has a Kickstarter for A Rosary of Stones and Thorns.

It looks like, based on y'all's recommendations, we'll be doing raised-bed gardening. More on that later, but I just wanted to get in a quick thank you to everyone who commented!

Okay. Now I must print out maps to where I'm going today and catch up on a lot of stuff. I'll be at Diesel tonight if I can deal with the Green Line at rush hour (I'll be coming from BU) - I've missed people!
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