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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
16th-Mar-2012 09:47 am
Hey, y'all! Happy Friday.

So. The story of my boiler:
1. On move-in day, it is discovered that it's not working. Amy figures out what's wrong. Judah hits it with a hammer til it starts sending heat to the radiators.
2. It doesn't stop sending heat to the radiators. The house is very warm for a while. I am the only person who is 100% okay with this. I grew up in Florida, you guys.
3. The handyman came out last week, determined that we needed a plumber, and called the plumber, who came out Monday and allegedly fixed the boiler. A part had apparently never been installed correctly.
4. As the week got chillier, I noticed that hey we were once again not getting any heat. We have been dealing with this a bit haltingly over the past two days, because we haven't been home to troubleshoot.

The plumber is allegedly coming back out first thing this morning. I feel like "first thing" would mean that he would be here already, but hey, I don't know his life. So I'm here until he's done, essentially. My parents are going out for breakfast and will then meet me here, and we'll figure out what we're doing today based on when the plumber gets done. Their idea, bless their hearts, was that I could have a writing morning, but my "block the world out and disappear into the writing" style does not play well with "be ready to drop everything when the doorbell rings". So after this, my morning-til-the-plumber-gets-here will entail catching up on my library books. I'm an Amazon Breakthrough Novel judge again this year, so when those manuscripts arrive (today?) I'll have no time left for my library books!

Speaking of my parents, they seem to like Judah, or at least not dislike him. Phew. Mom commented on his great rapport with Adam, reiterating "we just worry about Adam" - essentially, whether Adam is being slighted or neglected. But seeing our relationship dynamic in action seems to be alleviating that concern. I am relieved.

I woke up with a sore throat, which I hope is just because of the cold air. Can't seem to get my energy up, though. Hopefully more coffee will help jump-start me; no matter what else I have to do today, I have to bake something for Elayna's school's bake sale, which takes place during the intermission of Seussical.

I get to see my kid in a play tonight. Yay! <3

Now I go. I should probably determine what I'm baking before I jump into a book...
16th-Mar-2012 02:23 pm (UTC)
It will all turn out for the best. Glad to hear about your parents not being as bad as they could have been about Judah.
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