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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
February Schedule 
2nd-Feb-2011 08:26 pm
Italicized things are things I'd especially like company for!

February 3: Work; tabling for BARCC at the Vagina Monologues in Harvard Square. I may work from 1-5 instead of 9-1 to keep from having to schlep to/from the bus stop twice. If so, I'll have two hours to kill between work and tabling. Anyone want to join me for dinner, Central or Harvard Square? EDIT: No, looks like I really have to keep my regular work schedule. Fie. But I'm still up for dinner, I guess. Vagina Monologues tabling starts at 7:30.

February 4: #steampunkchat on Twitter at 9pm.

February 5: Hopefully a date with feste_sylvain, if he can get away and the weather doesn't forbid it.
February 6: No plans.

February 7:
February 8:
February 9: Feminist book club; Rogue Burlesque presents SEX-RAY.
February 10:
February 11: Dinner thing with co-workers.

February 12: Reception for mangosteen's photography exhibit, Game and Craft Day at a friend's; birthday party for fellow volunteer.
February 13: Cupid's Misfire: Burlesque with a Heart On

February 14: Peer Supe
February 15:
February 16:
February 17: Tabling at Lasell College 6-7pm (Vagina Monologues)
February 18: Boskone?

February 19: Boskone?; possibly a party
February 20: Boskone?

February 21:
February 22: Tabling at Lesley University 11am-2pm (health fair)
February 23:
February 24:
February 25:

February 26:
February 27: Flogging Molly concert. Seriously, no one else wants to go to this?

February 28: Peer Supe

Doing my best to not overschedule myself!
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