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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
August Schedule 
6th-Aug-2010 05:14 pm

Note that some of these things can be rescheduled or worked around if tribe members are in need; anything marked "BARCC" is not reschedulable. Work is 9-1 and I can generally meet people for lunch at 1. Note also that it is actually easier to make plans with me on days when I already have plans, as I will already be out of the house and thus do not have inertia as a hurdle.

Things I want to do at some point in August: Othello on the Common and Restaurant Week.

August 7: Picking Elayna up from South Station at 2:17! Possibly slipjig's house after, and possibly going out dancing if I can find someone to drag with me.
August 8: No plans.

August 9: BARCC Peer Supervision meeting 6pm-8pm.
August 10: Diesel, I hope.
August 11: Lunch with mangosteen. BARCC Info/Interview session 5-9pm.
August 12: Dragonette at the Middle East with feste_sylvain, 8pm.
August 13: Enter the Haggis, 8pm, if I can drag anyone with me.

August 14: BARCC tabling 12:30-2:30; maybe Heroes if I can drag someone out.
August 15: Aries's memorial service.

August 16: BARCC RA Training 6pm-8pm
August 17: Diesel, I hope; Elayna will be at a friend's party.
August 18: No plans.
August 19: No plans. Elayna will be at a local-geek-teen gathering.
August 20-22: Pi-Con

August 23-27: BARCC Volunteer Training 9am-5pm.
August 23: BARCC Peer Supervision meeting 6pm-8pm
August 26: BARCC Survivor Speaker engagement @ Tufts 9:45am.

August 28: hammercock's birthday party
August 29-31: No plans yet.
7th-Aug-2010 06:47 pm (UTC)
Some day I'm going to find a way to catch you at some point in your schedule. Swear.
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