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February 2nd, 2009 
08:10 am - Monday
Hello to new reader taliakit!

Saturday was full-on "this is going to be a two-week flu", complete with chills and fever, skin oversensitivity, mild delirium, et cetera.
Sunday was "I don't want to go on the cart"... brain was feeling better, but body was overall weak, as if recovering from said flu, and breathing is still chancy. Plus, snot goblins in the chest.
Today: Still have a sore throat, still having the helpless coughing fits, but... otherwise... hopefully okay. Cursing my body's timing, though, as I really wanted to go to Kyth's on Saturday.
EDIT: At least the steroid cream is working; I am no longer desperately tearfully fire-ant-stung. Skin is healing. Slowly, but I'm not having stabbing pains, so I can be patient. Ish.

For those who don't read over the weekend - my poem "When Her Eyes Open" is up at Lone Star Stories!

Other People's Writing
* Contest! Personally, I'm eagerly awaiting Deader Still. :)
* It is the dawn of a new age in the Multiverse. The balance of power is shifting and Agents of Artifice brings readers to the heart of a planeswalker struggle... Specifically written to be a good jumping-on point. :)

Link Soup
* Papercamp intrigues me.
* And I find myself wanting to take up knitting. The sky pattern appeals to me, and the BART concept could easily be modified for the T...
* Actually, I love everything here.
* Never thought I'd say this, but - I'm with you, Ashlee Simpson.
* Carnivorous Lampshade Robot Runs On Flies It Catches. Dude.
* Fake novelizations in 1960s style. You have to check out Highlander.
* Yes. This.

Daily Science
A new brain-imaging study is shedding light on what it means to "get lost" in a good book — suggesting that readers create vivid mental simulations of the sounds, sights, tastes and movements described in a textual narrative while simultaneously activating brain regions used to process similar experiences in real life.

Daily BPAL
CBLDF + Carnival + MarchenCollapse )

Stuff I didn't get around to last week. Immersion in Victoriana for Telenias's story.

My Valentinr - song
Get your own valentinr
09:14 am - AUGH.
Fizzgig! - velvetsteel
It never fails. I get my ass in gear and get started doing household stuff -

- and run out of the supplies I need to do said stuff.


Dear husband, bring home packing/mailing tape, luvukthxbye.
11:03 am - Rhyslings
Last day to nominate...

My eligible poems:
Long: "Wool and Silk and Wood" in Electric Velocipede #15/16, November 2008
Short: "Unruly Harvest" in Polu Texni, December 2008.

*small bow of thanks*
Short Chick - khaosworks
When you are commenting in my LJ, you are under my roof.

And when you are under my roof, I expect you to comport yourself in an intelligent and respectful manner. You will treat your fellow commenters - and me - with respect.

No, I'm not demanding that everyone agree with me. That's totalitarian. And also boring.

But whether you agree with me or not, I expect you to not be a dick. To me, or to anyone else.

In the silly, playing-in-the-ball-pit, playing-keep-up-balloon sense, we aren't grownups. :) But here in my comments, when we're having an actual discussion, I damnwell expect you to act like you are.

Treat me and my commenters with respect, or get kick-banned like the brain-dead troll you are.

That is all.

12:16 pm(no subject)
Coffee ideas
....hey, I get to read Victorian porn and call it research!

I love my job.

In all seriousness - no, the Telenias/Katrina story is not going to be porny. But the Victorian attitudes towards sex and class are very much in play. Telenias has a very Victorian point of view, and the beginning of his relationship with Katrina has the hesitance inherent to a man allowing himself to be seduced by a woman who he would have considered so far above him as to be unattainable. Sure, he's attracted to her at first glance, but he puts it out of his mind - or tries to. She is not only of the first circle, the seven Great Houses, she is of the highest-ranking House of all. And she is a woman in a matriarchal House. Her status could not be higher. And his - he is, at this point, an ordinary man in a second-circle house, one who only slightly moves in the circles she's pulled to the center of. And only then because he's the cousin of his house's kithara (head of house, second- or third-tier, female), and his defaulting to a reflection of his former Victorian life is considered curious and charming, so he is invited to represent house Tallart at parties and festivals, and acquiesces (with some reservations). (He always does what his house requires of him...)

So he becomes involved with a woman he regards as above him, classwise (she doesn't feel the same; she's modern in her thinking). And I know that their relationship has some kink to it, because that sets up something that happens later with Katrina and Stephen.

So I have to get into his head and see how he gets from not feeling fit to take her to the theatre, to his riding crop and her...

*ahem* Hi.

And yes, becoming the Telenias - which he does towards the end of this - changes him a great deal. But so does what happens with Katrina.

EDIT: So yeah, why not - anyone have any Victoriana/Victorian porn/Victorian kink links to send me? Comment here or, if you require more privacy, e-mail me at shadesong AT gmail.com!
Copied from an e-mail from BARCC:

If you have time this afternoon or tomorrow morning, please call the Senator and Representative that represents the city or town where you live and ask their aides to speak to the legislator they work for about signing on as a co-sponsor to Senate bill No. 1913 “An Act Relative to Sexual Assault and Stalking Restraining Orders”. (This is the same restraining order bill that we’ve been working on for a few years. Senator Chandler filed it this year with a different title.) Anya, Challis and I have been making calls as BARCC representatives but it always helps for the Senators and Representatives to receive calls from their constituents as well.

Please let them know that this bill would provide a crucial legal protection for survivors worried about their safety after a sexual assault or while being stalked. (They probably won’t ask any questions, but if they do, you can simply tell them that the majority of survivors of sexual assault and stalking know their perpetrators but are not related to or in a dating relationship with them. This bill would allow sexual assault and stalking survivors to obtain a criminally enforceable protection order against their assailant or stalker even if they are not family or have ever been in a dating relationship.) I’ve attached the bill and a 2006 Globe editorial that you can offer to e-mail them if they don’t yet know about the bill.

Here is a link to the webpage where you can find your legislators. http://www.mass.gov/legis/

They have to sign on as co-sponsors by 4 tomorrow so any calls you can make would be much appreciated.
Chai-Hulud - feliciaelena
Re: why so many people do not hear the vowel sound in my former name, which is Hungarian in origin, caulay says:

"English is a product of the Indo-European (often called PIE now, don't ask me what the "P" stands for, that was a change made while I wasn't looking) language family. Hungarian is one of the few in Europe that is *not*. (Basque and Finnish are the only other two that I know of, though I'm sure there are more, just spoken by veyr small numbers of people.) In PIE, the presence of an "r" following a vowel changes *everything*. Some languages show this effect more than others, the Germanics (of which English is a part) show it most of all. An "r" sound following a vowel changes the *vowel*. So, for that matter, does an "h" but that's much more subtle, subtle enough that if you *do* want the vowel to be independent from the "r", you stick an "h" between them."

(Emphasis mine.)

He says that someone in the previous posts had said something to the effect of (he paraphrases): "Magyar (the family that Hungarian is the only surviving member of) being different from everything around it. Which is true, there are no other known surviving languages that came from the same root, so, like Basque and Finnish, it's a unique language with nothing truly in common with the languages around it."

Okay. *That* makes *sense*. Different roots.

He goes on to say: "Further, your choices of examples for vowels sounds often run afoul of this, as you keep saying things such as "like the 'a' in 'farm' or 'share'" leads to confusion because of two things, first, to most people there are *no* 'a' sounds in either of those and 2) the vowel sounds in the two words are *different*. "Farm" has a vowel of 'ar' (sounds like the name of the letter 'r') and "share" has a vowel of 'Ar' (sounds like the word "air"), in both cases the 'r' component is the most prominent . It is more helpful to talk about the 'a's of "apple", "father" and "day" (and probably others)."

To which I replied, "Gotcha. It's difficult to train myself to recognize where other people are hearing the vowel differently - to me, farm and father have the same vowel sound. This is the first time someone's suggested to me that *those* would be heard differently." (Seriously. That would never have occurred to me.)

caulay: "In this case, you were, for whatever reason, trained to regard a bunch of different vowel sounds as important differences. The problem here is that, for most people, these vowels have pretty much completed the downward march to 'Ar'. For most people, the words "Mary", "marry" and "merry" are complete homophones with *no* difference in sound or pronunciation. The same goes for the first syllable of "cherry" and "chair". And that's OK! This is *normal*. The sounds of spoken language changes
over time. In your case, your native dialect used, for whatever, archaic versions of those words. That's fine too. Under "natural" conditions, this is how new languages come to be."

Me: "It just seems so *depressing*, seeing all of these sounds disregarded, being told that they no longer matter. It's like the arts budget being cut in public schools. It's like the decline in reading. It's a *loss*."

feste_sylvain, who I'm sharing this with on Gchat: "Does it sadden you that we're losing entire languages as global communications drive us toward a common set of languages? Does it sadden you that you can't hear, discern, or say the African consonants "mb" or "gb"?"

Me: "Yes."

feste_sylvain: "Okay. Then yes, I can understand that."

So yes. I mourn language loss. feste_sylvain says it's "hard to hear it as a loss when you never heard it in the first place." But I did hear it. And still do, sometimes. And it still perplexes me, how something like that can go away.

*wanders off to cuddle her archaic lonely language root*
10:51 pm - Shinies!
Valentine Update at Sihaya Designs! Some amazing stuff. Including some of those delicate gear earrings everyone was admiring at Arisia.

Perfect gifts for your valentine. And if your Valentine is me? I am very in love with Chiaroscuro.

(Also the Banshee earrings, and the Seer's Stone necklace (but I do not need to hoard all of the world's labradorite!), and Copper Gleam...)
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